Acab – Astray

Lirik Lagu Acab - Astray

I imagined a picture
You & me, we could last forever & ever
We're always like lovers
But the truth has been always stranger than the fiction
I remember the colours
Of the rainbow we watched together, how clear
Hoped that it'd shine forever
But like my dreams it faded & disappeared, oh will it reappear?

Let's sort this thru, it's only me & you
Stop running away are the words you always say
But our love has gone astray
And in this life or another
Are we meant for each other? I'm not so sure
But one thing is assured

I'm not running away
Not running away
But the games that we play & the lies that we say
Have only lead us astray
Did you hear what i said?
I'm not running away...
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