Anggun – Imposible

Lirik Lagu Anggun C Sasmi - Imposible

i’m a girl who runs my untwisted world
it’s alright if i’m not understood
have had 10 lives my stories still untold
can’t decide if i’m bad or i’m good

said goodbye maybe one too many times
he’s too kind and too good but too dull
i change my mind and i don’t think it’s a crime
got to run to where my heart desires

lock me up and i’ll walk away
tame me and i’ll lose control
leave me and i won’t leave your mind
try to change me it’s impossible

everything but complicated
nothing’s cruel beneath this smile
take me as i am and don’t you
try to change me cause it’s impossible, impossible

maybe i’m just like any other girl
who eats too much and sometimes too little
set in stone but this kind heart is fragile
not a saint but not quite the devil

repeat reff

everybody knows that there is so much
more than meets the eye
our highest and our lowest are something
that define you and i, don’t you

repeat reff
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