Sore – She s So Beautiful

Lirik Lagu Sore - She s So Beautiful

She's so beautiful, she's so beautiful

She wakes me up with the sun in her eyes
Every morning, a warm surprise
She makes me laugh, she makes me sing
She gets me dancing, she has me swinging

She's so beautiful, she's so beautiful

I'm sailing the seas on a breeze, not a cloud in the sky
I know where I'm going
I'm driving for hours and hours on end in my car
But I'm not getting closer
And I never will
Forever climbing mountain

Roaming the streets on a beat and her voice in my head
Never feeling lonely
I'm rocking her boat, let her float, let her drifting away
I don't need no answers
They're all in my head
I have got no questions

Walkin' on roses, I'm whistling I'm loving the sun
I'm swimmin' in wine, and I know that she's my number one
I'm drowning in happiness, I know that I'm losing my head
My heart is singing for the finest girl I've ever met
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